All of these WHMCS Templates are responsive meaning they automatically respond to the device of your visitor whether they are using a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet.

This feature is extremely important as more and more Internet users move away from the conventional desktop computer and on to tablets and other mobile devices.

Each template is also fluid which means it doesn't use a fixed width for any elements. This means they will support all device sizes, even though that aren't yet released as unlike many responsive templates they don't simply respond at X width (e.g 320px wide targeting the iPhone), instead they respond when the design requires it.

WHMCS Templates features*

  • Responsive & Fluid - All of these WHMCS Templates are fully responsive meaning they'll automatically adjust to fit the the device used to view the template. So on a desktop computer they'll show the full scale view and on a smart-phone such as the iPhone they will scale down to fit the screen. Not only are these templates responsive, they are also fluid meaning they're built using percentages rather than fixed pixels so instead of having break-points (e.g iPhone, iPad) they will respond when needed. This allows the templates to support most devices including those yet to be launched.
  • Exclusive Settings Area - Wizard Panel is the exclusive settings area included with all templates. Wizard Panel can be found inside your WHMCS admin panel once the template is installed. Using Wizard Panel you can turn on/off pages/features, edit your hosting plans, add your social links, add custom CSS & more!
  • Quick Setup - Instantly display products/categories setup in WHMCS in your template! No longer will you have to manually add your plans!
  • 10 Interactive Hosting Pages, 10 Plans Per Page, 3 Layout Options - Each WHMCS Template has 10 integrated hosting pages that are editable via Wizard Panel. These pages support 1-10 plans using 3 display options (table, table2 & feature boxes) and allow you to add your plans/services easily without touching any code. These pages can also be re-named for any type of products/services of your choice (while still being editable using Wizard Panel) following a included tutorial.
  • 3 Menu Layout Options - Each template includes 3 menu layout options which can be set instantly from inside Wizard Panel. The 3 layout options include a mega menu, dropdown menu and basic menu.
  • Custom Integration Cart - All templates come with a professionally developed & highly optimised checkout experience. When a visitor clicks through to the cart the template will automatically remove any distracting elements such as the menus to create a slimmed down and clutter free checkout experience. The menu is also replaced by a 3 step progress bar showing your visitors exactly where they are in the order process. There is also a items in cart notice to try and redirect the user back to checkout if they abandon the process.
  • Multi-Language Support - Each template has 3 options for multi-language support, the first is Google translate which adds instant and easy full language support to your website. The second is native WHMCS multi-language support (translations not included) and the third is to turn off multi-languages all together.
  • Search Engine Optimized - One of the best features of these templates is how search engine friendly they are. You can define your page title, meta description & meta tags for the main template pages from inside Wizard Panel. The code is very clean, optimized for speed and semantic which is important for search engine optimization.
  • HTML Snippets - All templates come with a selection of copy/paste HTML code snippets which you can use to easily create pricing tables, feature boxes, buttons & more for your custom pages. The code will generate fully responsive elements that are exactly the same as already used in the Wizard Panel based pages.
  • Create Unlimited Pages - You can create unlimited pages in the template and there is a tutorial on how to do this.
  • Social Integration - There is 19 integrated social networks, all of which can be adjusted via Wizard Panel.
  • Fully Customizable - Every template has unlimited possibilities, you can add new pages, change the colors by editing the CSS or change the whole structure of the template by editing the markup.
  • Free Installation - Template installation is also completely free and can be selected during checkout.